The Weekly Review: how to reset your life

For a couple of months now, I've been implementing a system which is called the weekly review. It stems originally from the book 'Getting things done' by David Allen, but I've made it my own a bit. Basically, it means that you put aside an hour every week with a checklist, have a reset of the past week and prepare for the next.

My weekly review consists of two parts.


The 'get clear' part is the part where you make sure you can start the upcoming week with a clean slate. For me, it contains the following parts:

  • Clear email inbox

  • Read emails in my 'to read' folder in my email client.

  • Archive documents in emails in my 'to archive' folder.

  • Unsubscribe from all 'Unsubscribe mails' in my specific folder.

  • Clear my inbox in my task manager put everything in the right location.

  • Clean desktop/downloads folder.

  • Collect all loose papers on my desk and handle them.

  • Remove receipts from wallet.

  • Review my tasks and tick off which have been completed.

  • Go through pictures on phone and delete the ones I don't need anymore


In the 'get current' part, I do a lot of things which help me prepare for the following week.

  • Add upcoming events to my calendar and add important information

  • Review next week's calendar and decide on a menu

  • Brain dump new tasks

  • Review the list with items I'm waiting on feedback on and chase people I need feedback on.

  • Review my projects

  • Add videos I want to watch to my 'Watch later' playlist on Youtube (personal item)

  • Reflect on past week. Are there lessons learned?

This seems like a lot and in the beginning it used to take me about 2 hours to go through it all. But now that I've done it with a steady pace and weekly, it only takes me about an hour but saves up sooooo much more time during the week and it gives me a boost on Monday morning because everything is clean and ready to go.

You can of course personalize this list any way you would want to, make it shorter or longer or just start with the items which would help you the most, but I highly recommend just having some sort of weekly reset, be it on Friday evening or during the weekend.

Let me know if you decide to try this out!

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