How to deal with an exploding Whatsapp

We all know the feeling. Opening your Whatsapp and seeing that you've missed about 100 messages in 4 different group conversations. Either you then decide to take the time to read through them all or you might have missed some important information. Not only is this a big waste of time but it can also cause stress and an addiction to checking your smartphone regularly so you can stay on top of things.

Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to make the conversations clearer and to use the app to your advantage!

1. Mute your group conversation.

There are just some conversation where there's a lot of bullshit all day long or where there's only a couple things which are relevant for you. I can make a whole case about why you need to turn off all your notifications but if you don't want to go full cold turkey, then just do it for those group messages which are driving you crazy. You'll feel so much better I promise. And nothing is ever as urgent as you think it is.

In order to mute the conversation in iOS, you need to open the group chat, tap the subject to get the group info, select mute and choose how long you want to mute the conversation for. In Android you just need to open the chat and go to the menu button.

2. Customize notifications.

If you do decide to go cold turkey (good for you) but still have some people whose messages you don't want to miss, you can customize the notifications for when these people message or call you. Go to the chat in question, type on the contact name at the top and choose custom notifications.

3. Use the quote function

You probably already know this one, but if you really need to reply to an older message, then scroll to that message, hold your finger down on it and click 'reply'. There will be a copy of that message in the one you're typing, so people know that's what you're talking about.

3. Use the desktop version.

Only use this tip on the condition that you turn of your notifications, because otherwise it's worse than having it one your phone. Used the right way, there are definitely some advantages to using Whatsapp on your desktop.

You can check it one a quick break at work without having the tendency to continue on to other apps on your phone. And typing on a keyboard is way more efficient than typing on your small smartphone keyboard.

4. Reply to a group message privately

Have a specific reaction to a message that someone send you in a group chat? One of the basic rules of being in a group conversation: don't start a one-on-one conversation with someone in the group chat. But there's also no need to go and look for the private conversation you already have with that person if you want to reply to something someone said between just the two of you.

You can just tap and hold the message you want to reply to and press 'more' in the options screen which appears. In Android, you just need to tap the three buttons in the top right corner.

You'll then see the option to reply privately, after which you're redirected to your private conversation with that person and with a copy of the message you're replying to. Genius!

5. Use the 'unread' function as a reminder.

Often, what happens to me is that I read my Whatsapp messages on the go. However, when there's a task in there or a message that I need to reply to, I often forget to do anything with it because I'm just leaving the tram or arriving at the office where there's a million other things to do.

In order to do this, you need to go into your conversation overview, swipe to the right and you'll see the button 'mark as unread'! Tadaaaaa!

Unfortunately, your conversation partner will still see that you've read the message, so no excuses for that one.

6. 'Star' messages.

You can use this function for the same purpose as the one above, namely to reminder yourself of a to do, or you can use it for nice messages you want to reread later.

In order to star a message, just tap and hold your finger on a message and voila! You'll see the option to star it!

7. 'Pin' a chat.

Again, similar to the options above, you can also 'pin' a chat by swiping right in the main conversations screen for an iPhone or tapping and holding for an Android phone.

Feel free to personalize these ways of pinning and starring messages to your own needs. I'm going to try out marking the ones I need to reply to as unread, pinning the ones with to do's and starring the nice and funny messages or nice recommendations to create some sort of happy folder! :)

8. Highlight important things in your messages.

Have a really important message you want to share in between all the spam? You can edit the format of a whatsapp message!

You can work directly in the text where you're typing your message and just need to remember some shortcuts! In order to make a text bold, you just need to type a star at the beginning and end of the text (*text in bold*) and to make it cursive, you do the same thing but with underscores (_text in cursive_).

Perfect for highlighting dates on which you'll meet up or tasks for your fellow group attendees!

9. Create shortcuts to a chat

We're including a final one for the Android users amongst us. If you have a couple of people you speak to quite frequently, then it might be interesting to create shortcuts for the specific conversations you have with these people!

Do this in Android but going to a specific chat, clicking on the menu, going to 'More', tapping 'Add Shortcut or Chat's and then pressing and holding an individual chat to add a shortcut.

Hopefully you got some use out of these tips and tricks. I know I will use them for sure, so let me know if you do too!